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    Welcome to the Hunger Games!

    24 participants will fight to the death to reveal to the world the power but also the mercy of the empire. Who will win? Who will the people favour? We'll never know until it happens. And for the recipitants, …

  • District

    Which district you come from can determine your skills. Your characters starts with a point which can be used in any [[Skills]]

    [[District 1]]           [[District 2]]    & …

  • District 1

    District 1 is the closest to the capitol. Because of this, the charisma and wealth of the capitol has rubbed off on them. District 1's purpose is to trade with the Capitol and because of this, District 1 is the richest of all the districts but …

  • District 2

    District 2 are the Capitol's army force. Everyone in the district is trained in combat and is the police force that enforces the rules. They are also closely watched by the capitol as they are the most dangerous if they revolt. Any tribute in this …

  • Skills

    Skills are tribute's ability in a certain area. Examples of this is Tracking, Hiding, Unarmed etc.

    Your attributes are your base advantage in a situation but skills add on to a specific one.

    <[[Character Creation]]

  • Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games is split into three stages

    [[The Parade]]

    [[The Training]]

    [[The Games]]

    <[[Game Mechanics]]

    <[[Main Page]]

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